​ Xiyue Hu was born in 1991 in Sichuan, China. She received a MFA degree of Visual Arts from Academy of fine arts of Milan in 2017. Currently, Hu lives and works in Bordeaux, France.

Solo Exhibition:

"Le Dernier Jour du Cambrien"(with artist Xing Xiao),5un7 Gallery,Bordeaux

Group Exhibitions:

"Digitale Caverne",Galerie des Tables,Bordeaux
"Gallery Weekend",5un7 Gallery,Bordeaux
"Eye of Storm", Ultramontane Gallery, Hangzhou
"Night Mess", Espace Saint-Rémi, Bordeaux
"Dreams", Espace 29, Bordeaux

Hu’s practice focuses on the relationship between nature, memory and technology. Her research interests and themes she has addressed include virtual life simulation, Internet distributed storage, map and mapping, network topology and power structure. Hu’s multi-medium practice includes programing, virtual game scene, installation, and painting.