​ Xiyue Hu was born in 1991 and currently lives in Bordeaux. 2015 - 2018 Academy of fine arts of Brera (Milan)

Group exhibitions:
"Winter Salon Strasbourg", Salle des fêtes de la Bourse, Strasbourg (2018)
"Dreams", Espace 29, Bordeaux (April 2019).
"Night Mess", Espace Saint-Rémi, Bordeaux (May 2019).
"Stand by", 5UN7 Gallery, Bordeaux (July 2019).
"No idea-flow", x² Space, Shanghai (September 2019).

Xiyue Hu is a visual artist whose practice spans computer game scene, painting and installation. Her research-based practice explore the relationship between memory, technology and writing, and the possible nexus on the question of the individual-collective relationship between personal memory and external memory (exosomatic memory or Internet collective Memory)