Breaths Among Living Things

Programming, Live simulation

This project is a game-based virtual space, jointly implemented with Xing Xiao in 2020. The narrative takes place inside the moon, where the curvature and gravity of space are opposite to those on the surface of the moon. Inhabited by a flock of "birds", this is a dynamic system that uses a bionic algorithm to simulate the swarming behavior of birds. The behavioral logic of the birds does not depend on a top-down control mechanism, but only follows a few simple deterministic rules -- each bird in the flock has a limited range of perception, and they react to the behavior of birds nearby, avoiding collisions with each other while maintaining consistency with the entire group. The logic of individual behavior is partial and simple, hovering in the pulling forces of gathering and dispersal, while complex group behavior emerges spontaneously, forming a self-organization. Similarly, human memory emerges from the decentralized network of interconnecting billions of neurons in the brain. Comparable to memory, the Internet lacks a clear definition of data storage at its protocol level, so it is in a state of “amnesia”. These flying “birds” were crawled from historical pictures on the Internet. During our browsing, we stumbled upon a large number of photos of child labor. These pictures evoked our childhood memories and memories of elders narrating their experiecnces as child labor. We present these photos as a flock of birds, trying to explore the relationship between personal memory and rights of Internet memory.


编程, 实时模拟

该作品是游戏形式的虚拟空间,于2020 年与Xing Xiao 共同实施。 叙事发生在月球内部,在这里,空间曲率和引力都与月 球表面相反。其中居住着一群“鸟”,这是一个用仿生算法 模拟鸟类群聚行为的动力学系统。鸟群的行为逻辑并不依赖 于自上而下的控制机制,而仅仅是遵循几个简单的确定性底 层规则——鸟群中的每个个体具有有限的感知范围,它们依 据临近对象的行为作出反应,在避免相互碰撞的同时与整体 保持一致。个体的行为逻辑局部而简单,在聚与散的拉扯中 徘徊,而复杂的群体行为自发地从中涌现,形成自组织。同样, 人的记忆涌现自大脑数以百亿计神经元之间相互连接所形成 的去中心化网络。在记忆层面上,与之类似的互联网在其协 议层缺乏对数据储存的明确定义,因而处于一种“失忆状态”。 这些飞行的“鸟”爬取自互联网上的历史图片,浏览中 我们偶然发现其中存在大量童工的照片,这些图片勾起了我 们的童年回忆以及长辈叙述中自身的童工回忆。我们将这些 照片以鸟群的方式呈现,并试图探索关于个人记忆以及互联 网记忆权的关系问题。