History that Cannot Enter History

pulp mixture, glass, mirror, LED lamp

This project is a group of installations with pulp mixture as its main material, implemented jointly with Xing Xiao in 2019. We mix paper with texts and images into the pulp; the texts and images are about certain histories that cannot enter the center of history. They are dissolved and hidden in paper rocks and paper mountains. Mountain and rock, as a central theme in the rules of Literati Painting, they embody a non-central, sub-political characteristic: mountains and rivers are regarded as the vehicle of world order, but they are also the residences of Ji Kang and Yu Boya who have abandoned the worldly order. Our interest in this dilemma persists through the process of this project.


纸浆混合物, 玻璃镜, LED灯

于2019年和 Xing Xiao 共同实施。我们将抄写有文本的纸张、图像混入纸浆,这些文本和图像关于某些无法进入历史中心的历史。 它们被融化、隐藏于纸质的山石之中。而山石作为古代文人画游戏的核心主题,本身却包含了一种非核心的亚政治特质:山川被当作人间秩序的喻体,却同样是扬弃世俗秩序的嵇康、俞伯牙的居所。 对这一两难问题的兴趣始终贯穿在此项目的实践之中。